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There’s light in the way you have made a name for your kind The kind of light that also glows on the edges of your…
22nd November, 2017
OMG. #SKL It's been months since classes started and I know marami akong kaklase na reader ni Queen. I just found o…
22nd November, 2017 #SKL
i have a super,duper,intelegent,and nonsense power eat and eat until you death #skl
21st November, 2017 #skl
In the end, it is about you, the ball and the net. All alse needs to fade into the background. #basketballdad
18th November, 2017
Things to do but tinatamad akong gawin af: H.W, Speech for my Psyche cosplay, Powerpoint presentation, Sash, recycled accessories #skl
18th November, 2017 #skl
you know the struggle of being a multifan when fanwars arise between fandoms you treasure most #skl
18th November, 2017 #skl