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@nicklasyip didn't handle the track and used up way too much early. 3 wide on a heavy 8 over a mile at Randwick #slaughter
25th February, 2017 #slaughter
Settling down to a baby metal room party, super manly pink glittery thermos full of rum! Tournament time WOOO!…
25th February, 2017
@DrewBMcIntyre @eJoelWatts regardless it's not as simple as JC is the answer. I'm partial to a renegade gospel w/ a rebel Jesus. #Slaughter
25th February, 2017 #Slaughter
President #GeorgeWashington: 'If The FREEDOM of SPEECH Is Taken Away, Then Dumb & SILENT We May Be #LED To #SLAUGHTER.' @Maddow @JakeTapper
24th February, 2017 #LED, #SLAUGHTER