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Like all vehicles in the smart range, the new fortwo cabrio is big on safety. Advanced assistance systems are combi…
27th February, 2020
Today was fun but ended 😥😭... New Vlog in a few days! 💚 Follow keepit500fiat attackmouse_designs_ #smartfortwo
26th February, 2020 #smartfortwo
Nothing to see here. The front splitter may or may not be in the passenger seat as well! 😱😭💰 #alignment Go follow…
25th February, 2020
City car faceoff! Would you make the Smart choice or Wiz around the city in something different? 🚗💨 #Smart
22nd February, 2020
Take driving into your own hands! Pop down to Hendy Car Store in #Exeter today to take home this #SmartForTwo! @smartcarUK
19th February, 2020