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.@packers Hundley just exploited a flaw in the NFL rules. Defenders let up to not get a penalty, Hundley cuts in and scores. #smartplay
22nd October, 2017 #smartplay
So the slowest guy on the team decides he is going to try to take home. And gives one of the worst slides every #smartplay #yankees
22nd October, 2017 #smartplay
@Jew2replaceU @Susan_Hennessey More like keeping Captain Craptastic as hinged as possible. Given how thin-skinned t…
20th October, 2017
Rainy day? Sick Day? Holiday? Any day is a great fort building day! Here's how to build a fort anywhere:…
19th October, 2017
Today’s Airdrie Lightning Excel smart play of the game: Reegan L for two smart net drives rewarded with a goal…
15th October, 2017