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@oxygen #Snapped Sissy & Robin were true bff's. Together they: committed a crime, went to jail & wished to be tried…
11th November, 2017 #Snapped
@CarrollBryant @tpe3tpj2 @FiveRights You are one sick and twisted person. I'm surprised you haven't been on a…
11th November, 2017
Megyn Kelly sounds like the younger sister of the awesome Snapped narrator #Dateline #Snapped
11th November, 2017 #Snapped
@fr3agnt Indeed! I can always see these women on #Snapped with @SharonMartinVO Gotta 💜 her too!
11th November, 2017 #Snapped
Been #snapped by priority snaps? We can now print your image to Polaroid instantly, available in colour too 🤙🤙🤙
10th November, 2017 #snapped
@dvorlando @Hec718 @fox5dc I watched #Snapped to learn how far women are capable of going to get even, to get money, etc.
10th November, 2017 #Snapped