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I requested to join the Food food food Auckland FB group page and my cousin, a moderator accepted my request! Aw shame. #Snapped 😂😂😂
29th September, 2016 #Snapped
Hollllllllly shit yes. Shoutout to #burdcage for the first print of fresh snaps!! @AthleticoBH coming soon to the s…
29th September, 2016
A lizard inside her. Cops are cloning ppl. Stabbed boyfriend 96 times. This chick is certified crazy! 💀 #Snapped
29th September, 2016 #Snapped
@NoLayingUp That cable needs some reinforcements before that happens #snapped
29th September, 2016 #snapped
@mrhiphop555 . Lemme Frame Ur Ugly Monkey Face . Ur Getting Scared Huh 🙂 . ⌚ 😙⁵⁰'⁷ ⌚ . #Snapped . @DynaDee , U Have Aje Caller 📞📞😎📞📞 ⌚ .
28th September, 2016 #Snapped