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As you can imagine the comments are not positive for this promoted tweet given the recent news coming out of…
20th March, 2018
South Africa: It’s impossible, to sum up, our incredible country in just a few words – But this handful of photos…
20th March, 2018
@bantigito #SouthAfrican #brands have also succeeded here - it is down to how they adjust to and acknowledge the local culture
20th March, 2018 #SouthAfrican, #brands
SOUTH AFRICANS: How to het visas for Bolivia - it's easy and free!!Bolivian-Visas-for-Sout…
20th March, 2018
Is it just me or does is #SouthAfrican goverment oppressing us #coloureds. They destroying OUR language #Afrikaans
20th March, 2018 #SouthAfrican