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Chicken Krapow... A little different from my expectations yet delicious. @atshizusan #Asianbistro #Shizusan
23rd July, 2017
Our #Baner outlet signage is up! We will be open and ready to serve you some delicious #SouthEastAsian delicacies r…
21st July, 2017 #SouthEastAsian
Shui Zu Yu literally translates to 'fish boiled in water' and is one of the most popular and healthy Sichuan dishes…
20th July, 2017
.@leloyclaudio: 'I hope we can push the limits of #SoutheastAsian studies & write more histories of square people.'
18th July, 2017
Guests coming over unannounced? Shizusan now delivers through @ScootsyIt! Link:
18th July, 2017