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Authorities say ancient mosaic seized at Palmdale home was looted from war-torn Syria
27th May, 2018
@MIKETHEFAN12 @DineshDSouza #SouthernCalifornia been bought & paid for sence the 60's totally different values & morals #NewYork as well
27th May, 2018 #SouthernCalifornia, #NewYork
Download Carmel Valley / Del Mar - Kayleigh Balon's mobile app here: #SanDiego
27th May, 2018 #SanDiego
Find us on the sand 😍 Who's up for a little beach volleyball this weekend? 🏐 Photo: @jessibove ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #sealbeach
27th May, 2018