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Japanese Art Collector Named As the First Private Passenger to Fly Around the Moon on the #SpaceX BFR
19th September, 2018 #SpaceX
Elon Musk is a Hero. Anyone who says otherwise is a complete moron. I cannot wait to see the first private flight t…
19th September, 2018
The easiest way for Elon Musk to raise money for SpaceX might be tourism #ElonMusk #SpaceX
19th September, 2018 #ElonMusk, #SpaceX
Yusaku Maezawa, one of the world’s top contemporary art collectors will be Elon Musk's first customer for a trip to…
19th September, 2018
Yesterday we all saw what XRP is capable of. Today I'm wearing my SpaceX shirt which I bought back in June when I v…
19th September, 2018