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@Snowden I have a suspicion that Edward Snowden is training #specialOps for Vladimir Putin. Thoughts 💭 @CIA @NSAGovhttps://t.co/4SYjlex205
18th September, 2019 #specialOps
Trench Rescue day 2 with the brothers and sisters of St Lucie FD Train with the best! #specialopshttps://t.co/I9nw0GcOAo
18th September, 2019 #specialops
Our prayers are with his wife, children, family and teammates. You will never be forgotten. #DOL @1stsfgrouphttps://t.co/4Q8h5vFFry
17th September, 2019
Great pic of Spanish Special forces fully kitted out in Warrior gear... the DCS Plate Carrier 😲 Save 10% on Warrio… https://t.co/3LLkavkl0C
16th September, 2019
Which the "Intelligence" (read #TopCrims) Community excels in. Side by side with the "Defense" (read… https://t.co/RCuLee6fE7
14th September, 2019