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Thank you for everything Arrow! You have changed many lives including my own. @CW_Arrow @ARROWwriters @StephenAmellhttps://t.co/A6oE5SNtFJ
24th January, 2020
@BelongArenas @BelongSutton Well if we're making it a thing then I might as well show off a bit of my rainbow six s… https://t.co/kB7TvJ6uAw
23rd January, 2020
How does the CW #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths crossover compare with the comics? Find out in our latest episode:… https://t.co/kxIJmAjhzn
23rd January, 2020
@BelongArenas @BelongSutton I really want to make this hashtag a thing! I’m here for the spectres!… https://t.co/jJuq5MwGcB
23rd January, 2020
Film analysis commentary: It is depressing to note how many movies include a scene in which a man chokes a woman (e… https://t.co/JyjJNxCYaf
23rd January, 2020
yrja marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever. me, an intellectual: #spectre and 50oz of pressurized cheese.
23rd January, 2020 #spectre