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This Sunday @tndproject hosts #selfcare event for Muslim women with art making & a screening of doc #SpeedSistershttps://t.co/xPUeHe08Mo
18th February, 2017 #SpeedSisters
A fascinating approach to humanizing both the people of Palestine and women in the Middle East. #SpeedSistershttps://t.co/qwsQt56gZd
16th February, 2017 #SpeedSisters
Meet the first all-woman race car driving team in the Middle East. https://t.co/e6oAY3h1Wg via @chickdriven #SpeedSisters
15th February, 2017 #SpeedSisters
The first all-women race car driving team in the Middle East! Watch #SpeedSisters on iTunes:… https://t.co/pyUGDC8IFW
12th February, 2017 #SpeedSisters
Meet Betty Saadeh of the SPEED SISTERS - the Middle East's first all-woman motor racing team.… https://t.co/odRKIpLEAb
12th February, 2017
The Middle East like you've never seen it! Meet Marah Zahalka of the SPEED SISTERS. https://t.co/GviWN1jfkvhttps://t.co/ebrdFIwDpK
12th February, 2017
SPEED SISTERS: "Subtly rebellious and defiantly optimistic” - @nytimes. Out now. Review: https://t.co/kL1v8v3Xuzhttps://t.co/Er7HoWyhsQ
12th February, 2017