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It's been awhile since we have showed you Natasha the Black Widow #Spider. She has gotten so big and has created an… https://t.co/c8bxxE1F0f
8th July, 2020 #Spider
MISUMENA VATIA 🤍 gorgeous visitor to my patio, only my 2nd ever, she’s waiting to ambush visiting pollinators.… https://t.co/xE3mXBrNO4
8th July, 2020
Spiders are weavers of stories and great keepers of ancient tales. They are also highly skilled preditors and prot… https://t.co/0aQSNVfKxV
7th July, 2020
Walking in my garden i stopped to pick this ripe melon and look what was on the bottom of it. A pretty #blackwidowhttps://t.co/wYCYKRz0zd
7th July, 2020
One of my favourite photos today. Any ideas what type of spider it is? #Spider #Web #Macro https://t.co/SSjAtF8PS5
7th July, 2020 #Spider
Can anyone enlighten me as to which species of spider lives in this snazzy, DIY, camouflage, wizard's hat? Whatever… https://t.co/mRnhNYckfc
7th July, 2020
Found this guy crawling in my shower this morning. At first I thought it was a brown recluse (🥵) but now I think it… https://t.co/ROhXLNe9G3
7th July, 2020