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Well, I don't know where the frigg Boris has legged it to, but he's not in the corner where I left him this morning… https://t.co/0lzCcx4tzV
8th December, 2019
Brown Recluses have 6 eyes instead of the 8 that most arachnids have. Call (703) 379-4049. https://t.co/0o6NC034i3https://t.co/JfJmtBhrxU
8th December, 2019
Wan Bissaka out here playing Corner Back. SHUT DOWN CORNER!! #spider
8th December, 2019 #spider
@awbissaka @ManUtd You were amazing today... like always really keeping up the good work 🙌🏾 #Spider
8th December, 2019 #Spider
morning spider fans and Arachnophobes. For your enjoyment today, a lovely close up of Ygritte my O.B.T looking abso… https://t.co/FLE6i5ktsW
8th December, 2019
Hanging By One Feet COPYRIGHT 2019 PFGUN0 A long legged spider hanging on the end of a leaf by a single leg.… https://t.co/z0Ir5QwMwN
8th December, 2019