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no matter how many times I watch this #movie, I #love it. A Brilliant work by #Spielberg & I have no words for the… https://t.co/GKCHX3H11U
14th July, 2018 #Spielberg
Will @JustinTrudeau be sending his kids to school with the Syrian refugees or will that just be taken out on more p… https://t.co/cPHjxI7E7L
14th July, 2018
"Hold on to your butts!" The Margos talk about the 93 version of #JurrasicPark plus, the novel. You can listen here… https://t.co/WOU59IkdV2
14th July, 2018
After AIDS homophobia how did Canada get gay positive through mass immigration while going on and on about the Holo… https://t.co/OqTqxGQFzF
14th July, 2018