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Thank you to all that joined in our the Kathleen movie watch to celebrate her birthday 🎉🎈 Splendor is beautiful… https://t.co/3t2kTcDi7W
9th July, 2017
@peoblej @PlanBGames_ Loved the deck building element. Strange that no one is talking about that. Not sure if it will unseat #Splendor yet.
8th July, 2017 #Splendor
What's your favorite game if it's just you and one other person? I choose #Splendor. --> https://t.co/A3z6XmY75O https://t.co/qTv1PQ1lCf
8th July, 2017 #Splendor
#Firstcruise complete! Had fun with family, but won't cruise with @CarnivalCruise. Some good staff, customer service horrible on #Splendor
8th July, 2017 #Splendor
A not blocked 'secret' sample... love the fine stitches and it feels lovely too. #thewoollybrewhttps://t.co/YjbEPsLagR
8th July, 2017