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Went to Mox with some friends, played some games and got some food. Was a good night #gamenight #gamingwithfriendshttps://t.co/5OXMvJ7gRT
24th March, 2019
Your Sunday read: Discover the sumptuous new suites on the upcoming Seven Seas Splendor. We especially like the Con… https://t.co/uH8CqqPr6Q
24th March, 2019
Been awhile since I broke out the classic Splendor! Does this game still hit the table for you? #splendorhttps://t.co/g4rqpdHm7H
24th March, 2019 #splendor
Having a #Splendor ous time tonight! 😊 Better finish this quickly before the pizza arrives! #boardgames #tabletop https://t.co/OWEMMR01bz
22nd March, 2019 #Splendor
Fulfilling your dreams is what Swapnapurti Diamond Yojana is all about. #swapnapurtidiamondyojana #Vithobahttps://t.co/q0Suz6s5QG
22nd March, 2019