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Want to work with our amazing team? Come to our #SPUR recruiting event today till 4 or tomorrow 10-2 at Courtyard… https://t.co/7yp6oAg29K
22nd August, 2019 #SPUR
The Sanford Program for Undergraduate Research #SPUR exceeded expectations for @DrakeUniversity student, Mason Schm… https://t.co/KzhIqfZKYq
21st August, 2019 #SPUR
I remember when Spur had a very colourfull theme; the Native American (People with the Taste for Life). What has ha… https://t.co/wniy0e9JzO
21st August, 2019
Picture day! Excited for our first scrimmage tomorrow against @HCRHSAthletics ! Coaches had a little fun today too!… https://t.co/BMZeQCdBYR
20th August, 2019
WEBINAR TODAY at 12PM (EST): Have you heard of the #SPUR Change Program by @ICN_RCC? The Spur Change capacity-build… https://t.co/Ku6kk9LDSN
20th August, 2019 #SPUR
Monday is finally over! Treat yourself to #Spur's legendary Cheddar Melt in #HemingwaysMall for only R99.90.… https://t.co/hFZAyZitKS
19th August, 2019 #Spur
Did you know that with some chameleons, you can tell if they are males or females practically right after hatching?… https://t.co/2VLpTNM5rN
17th August, 2019