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Nlr asking price 3.5c with 20lacs recovery, on any terms that can be best offer. Still makers said no. Are they spending Bomb on #SpyDer ??
28th March, 2017
Entire shoot complete ayye varaku Business start cheyyaranta. Need to get a clear picture of how much they spend to sell it #SpyDer 👍
28th March, 2017
Vietnam schedule prolonged from 5days to 12days,Action episode is being canned in this Schedule, costliest episode of entire movie? #SpyDer
28th March, 2017
#MB23 title #Spyder anta ga .. Pilla fans : Only hero who is apt for spiderman role daa .. mabbu daa Illiterates for a reason
28th March, 2017 #Spyder
Spent a few minutes drooling over this 1000+ hp #Lamborghini #Gallardo #Spyder today before picking up my car from… https://t.co/VvcGut3Ir4
28th March, 2017 #Lamborghini, #Gallardo, #Spyder