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@JRW1973 especially when Khawaja averages over 50 from his last 11 test innings. #staggering
23rd February, 2017 #staggering
#Tories creeping debt up towards £2 trillion,yet some of you still believe the claptrap that they are better with t…
23rd February, 2017
this is the biggest heist I've ever seen. #staggering
22nd February, 2017 #staggering
@sandylanceley @TheMurdochTimes Is US considered direct or indirectly responsible when military aid is $38BN over 10 yrs #staggering
22nd February, 2017 #staggering
@dannynoeljackso the racing channels need to have their presenters repeatedly read odds out that are available to see on screen #staggering
22nd February, 2017 #staggering