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@9_Moley @sherring010 @NRL_Dragons @NRL_Bulldogs Blair is asking a ridiculous figure, and looks as though knights will pay it #staggering
23rd August, 2017 #staggering
Yet again @LilyDAmbrosioMP does not understand the difference between electricity & gas. Energy 101! #staggering
23rd August, 2017 #staggering
#staggering IMagine if any of those tools fell out during race horrifying conseqences may have happened ....
22nd August, 2017 #staggering
Add the farrier to the list too Ralph. Anyone involved in this absolute P155-take of the industry should be suspend…
22nd August, 2017
@LondonEconomic @FBSpanion 1 IN 5 !!!!!!!! that means 4 out of 5 are out of their scull in an alternative universe #Staggering
21st August, 2017 #Staggering