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@Trumpwinning45 @CaseyCagle Oh my gosh..and you claim pro-traditional marriage? -while supporting serial cheater Tr…
13th March, 2018
Barbie gets an image of her boobs. She schizo and they make her boobs look low rating. She has a panic attack. - By…
13th March, 2018
Barbie waves at the crowd. Then the Princess Barbie stomps on a car. - By. #Steve AKA #Stephen AKA #Esteban
13th March, 2018 #Steve, #Stephen, #Esteban
@SpeakerRyan @IngrahamAngle Now stop the Schumer tunnel bs boondoggle, time to stop Chuckie cheese spending more mo…
13th March, 2018
@waitrose what a great guy doing the deliveries in Eastbourne today. Funny and courteous. #Stephen
13th March, 2018 #Stephen