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It’s always a pleasure having a candid chat about real life every now and then. Thank you @SundayTimesZA #TimesLive
20th July, 2018
Why do they call it Little Mermaid time? It is one other thing that all of the White House staff are in consensus…
19th July, 2018
Somehow I felt sad watching a #pink cab. I always felt very safe as a woman in Australia. #inmycommunity #abc730
19th July, 2018
My claim to fame is now that the @PTWMUMMY - a bona fide #sundaytimes best selling author - follows me!!! My wife (…
18th July, 2018 #sundaytimes
@alan_rowse 2/2... Away from the political limelight a Department for International Trade (DIT) view " We'll look…
18th July, 2018
Durban was crowned SA's circumcision capital with 70% of men having undergone the snip compared to other cities. #sundaytimes
18th July, 2018 #sundaytimes