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Shoutout to #SuperCrew for being awesome in 2016 and all the years past, I love you peeps I'd tag everybody but theres too many of you now!
1st January, 2017
Check it out fellas. ABDC's Ronnie from Super Crew came to Fresno #ABDC #SuperCrew
1st January, 2017
Thx @WaltonRowing & #supercrew 😉 Rowan Gman Mels Neil Glynn & my PhelpsBoys x3 4A gr8 NY paddle & racing starts 😜
31st December, 2016 #supercrew
Successfully completed the First day of shoot #POOKAALAM ! I'm so blessed & happy to part of this energetic crew! #supercrew
30th December, 2016 #supercrew