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"Damage Done, The shark has been jumped" Damage #13 Review ✍️ • Robert Venditti (Writer) • Aaron Lopresti (Pencils…
9th July, 2020
Watching #ThePolitician and all I can think is that if @corenswet isn’t cast as #superman in future then DC are missing a trick!
9th July, 2020 #superman
This is actually very well done! Loved it! Superman Saves The Avengers (Fan-Made) via…
9th July, 2020
What will be the next review?! Will CCT lose what little is left of his sanity? @scorpiomoonwtch @SnuggzChaotica
9th July, 2020
This 1994 #dccomics house ad for the Reign of the Superman survivors gets us pumped! #Superman
9th July, 2020 #dccomics, #Superman