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Have a nice metal weekend metalheads!!!!!!! Liste New Music.. Listen Blackened Core from Sweden ...… https://t.co/lOZ3FQHS2A
23rd March, 2018
© “Tyska Kyrkan” or German Church, is the most impressive reminder of the often dominating Influence of Germans in… https://t.co/Q7uKYNFAYF
23rd March, 2018
Right, no problem with all the rapes, bombings, no-go zones in #Sweden, - nothing else to be concerned about? https://t.co/srmjOP1oOb
23rd March, 2018 #Sweden
Nice. 300g hole eggs +1-1.5kg meat = 2600-3000 calories a day. (depends on the meat sort) and the scales says 86kg… https://t.co/AZmqMYwoBr
23rd March, 2018