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Miller: "A Modest Proposal for you sir: Wrap the babies in foil and eat 'em like the Irish! #Swift would be proud."… https://t.co/sFXBUDiWfY
20th June, 2018 #Swift
💽 Taego’s #SWIFT Single available NOW link to be posted soon. 🎵: #SWIFTTheMixtape . 🎥: @PluggInCarolina . ..… https://t.co/74mZ7o0SWw
20th June, 2018 #SWIFT
RAAT Thailand Endurance Championship International 2018 Car No13 The Sittipol Group , elf #thesittipolgrouphttps://t.co/NoGpevZWXS
20th June, 2018
@CLAYBASALTBASH @fire__hunter @Bon_GMG_NPC [SHE GOES? UP? W] bI TCH HANG ONTO /WHAT/- [the flamethrower blasts her… https://t.co/EkGXGO7z5E
20th June, 2018
3 weeks until Taylor in Washington, DC!!!! So excited. We need to meet her 😍 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13https://t.co/8JYiXnDg1h
20th June, 2018
#100DaysOfCode R2D95-97 Reviewing some concepts that I obviously didn't completely understand the first time throug… https://t.co/wRIyjUwsWQ
20th June, 2018