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@paspencer1 @redrob24 Looks like a crassula. Cut at bottom with knife, leave on side for a few days then root in gr… https://t.co/1BQkt0UVel
22nd July, 2017
Here's what I've been working on for the last three weeks: refurbished art deco TV hutch. #tada https://t.co/PLCIbsOXYK
22nd July, 2017 #tada
Aww... Don't you just love baby photos? A tedious labor of love for #FBF. #TaDa https://t.co/l7LbBVcyVM https://t.co/z94jKBb25E
22nd July, 2017
So... what's made it onto your #TaDa! List for today?
21st July, 2017
I can't wait to find out that this whole Dali exhumation was actually some final grand art project #surprise #dali #tada
21st July, 2017 #tada
@KeithMeyer25 The happiness special you helped produce airs this weekend. Tomorrow at 6a and Sunday at 6p. It'll be… https://t.co/qoOj3ZpaS1
21st July, 2017
Thats how We were created : To fill that void with HIM Theen we'd be complete. #Tada
21st July, 2017 #Tada
@politicalelle @benshapiro People with a desire, need, and budget for a particular product. An industry willing to… https://t.co/EwHGZ42QXf
21st July, 2017