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One of the things that blows my mind is that people like you are tweeting about a problem they could help fix.… https://t.co/SrpGgcn7Eg
10th January, 2019
“Everybody wants more out of life. Question is, what do you want?” – Tai Lopez #TaiLopez #quote #motivationquoteshttps://t.co/jQX7AhHuUf
10th January, 2019
How Tai Lopez changed my life, and how Garyvee nearly ruined everything. Really, you have got read this article, i… https://t.co/WPRIRJEv50
10th January, 2019
@tailopez to say in his every single ad ''Sub to Pewdiepie'' since he is in every single ad on youtube? Like and re… https://t.co/h079660coG
9th January, 2019