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Omg I almost forgot. Takumi in Grandmaster is HOT HOT #PRODUCE101JAPAN #Takumi
11th December, 2019 #Takumi
even though u guys didn't make it together, but takumi yugo will always be number one in my heart. i love u guys so… https://t.co/2qW8Te1hTz
11th December, 2019
#leokumiweek2019 Day 4: Modern AU! And with MCRs comeback here's a throwback to everyone's emo phase! (Yes, Leo's h… https://t.co/UKiqQbyX6R
10th December, 2019
A Nissan GT-R model made with LEGO bricks!: Since the introduction of the LEGO® wheel in 1962, cars have played a c… https://t.co/F2xxhWU2yb
10th December, 2019
Goodluck both of you tomorrow. AISHITERUUUUU💖💖💖💖💖💖💘 #PRODUCE101JAPAN #Takumi https://t.co/SEh0jqKrn9
10th December, 2019 #Takumi
Guys its FINALLY here!!! Day 1: Dancing for #leokumiweek2019 💕 (Leo's collar is inside out of course haha!) . #arthttps://t.co/6PW4B4O0Mu
7th December, 2019