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Did/does anyone else play with RC cars? I remembered my old controller from more than 25 years ago. #RC #Futabahttps://t.co/HZvCNtcpWZ
24th May, 2019
Check out Hyper Dash! Yonkuro 2 Manga Book w/Gold Mini 4WD + Clear File Folder Limited New #Tamiya https://t.co/CTJJcsbZME ##ebay
24th May, 2019 #ebay
Vintage Lancia Stratos hard body (from the 1970s) on a RWD modded Tamiya FF-02 chassis 😍 #rc #rcrallye #rcrallyhttps://t.co/n6EXKMFEH8
24th May, 2019
What squad are you in? MA Warriors or MS Troops? 💂💣💥 .. Text to +628111262664 (WhatsApp) or DM for more info & orde… https://t.co/uHMhX7lLnv
22nd May, 2019
Is anyone else tired of Tamiya giving us this constant Re-Hash of different colour Buggy’s! We are certainly not ge… https://t.co/1WQZlOZDkQ
22nd May, 2019
With June just round the corner, we thought we pull out the chromy and catch some rays 😎 How pretty 😅 #rcempire #rchttps://t.co/xq1WJ1QmOV
21st May, 2019