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1983 TRS-80 Model 100, still works can't really do much with it anymore but it's a great part of computer history.… https://t.co/wlwoH0WjD5
21st October, 2020
Retro Computer Baseball Game Reviews - a series focusing on computer baseball simulations https://t.co/dZdviIKEt7..… https://t.co/pKup2n7w9B
20th October, 2020
@martin_compston look at this truly wonderful (and utterly ridiculous) thing that this guy is doing to raise money… https://t.co/xyQiokFNeD
16th October, 2020
iPhone 12 ??? Meh. #tandy computer with 5mhz #z80 #cpu. Beat that Apple. Keyboard is really impressively good. But… https://t.co/KQZnuYDkup
15th October, 2020 #tandy