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It's been nearly half a century since the final #targaflorio was raced. Luckily, this remnant still remains as a si… https://t.co/fh9mH0fh0x
26th September, 2020 #targaflorio
🏁#TargaFlorioTuesday Remastered footage of the 1973 #TargaFlorio. Proper eyewatering action shots with sound that… https://t.co/WTUQAEhTwV
22nd September, 2020 #TargaFlorio
TAG Heuer Targa Florio CX2112: Named after the historical Sicilian Targa Florio automobile race which originated in… https://t.co/Ut9lrfCXCH
21st September, 2020
Thunder In The Streets Autographed by Dan Gurney. Limited Edition Print by Artist Nicholas Watts. Shelby AC Cobra a… https://t.co/pHOLTojS1b
19th September, 2020