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It didn't JUST win the 1973 #targaflorio Snapshot 1973: Porsche 911 Carrera RSR at Le Mans via @classicdriver https://t.co/IpLj05XnSp
20th January, 2017 #targaflorio
You can rent A Sicilian Dream on @AmazonUK for only £4.49 - something to watch once you've caught up on today's… https://t.co/v1Rz324zyM
20th January, 2017
Only one Australian, Paul Hawkins, has won the #TargaFlorio. In 1967, he and Rolf Stommelen won, in a @Porsche 910.… https://t.co/aK5Uk9rdxW
17th January, 2017 #TargaFlorio
Official 'A Sicilian Dream' movie posters now available! For more information, and to order:… https://t.co/8BkistSST8
16th January, 2017