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ETTelecom | Will super apps become as popular in India as they have in Southeast Asia? #SuperApps #AlibabaGrouphttps://t.co/bfkP96kjao
20th October, 2020
ETTelecom | Tata Communications appoints former Microsoft executive Kabir Ahmed Shakir as CFO… https://t.co/8tZz9jYLCf
20th October, 2020
Couple of days back, I received a SMS with the attached letter. #fraud being committed under the name of #Tatagrouphttps://t.co/x0XW0fTulc
19th October, 2020 #Tatagroup
#TataSackMansoorAli We have immense respect for #TataGroup . He is putting dent on your years hardship to build th… https://t.co/6UYHLafqUY
19th October, 2020 #TataGroup
While competition in the Indian online grocery retailing market has been growing, 2020 has brought with it a renewe… https://t.co/iDc9hNLnzt
19th October, 2020