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Can Tata Group please buy Air India? Now that the disinvestment plan is out of either 0, 24, 26 or 49%. Who bette… https://t.co/8p7LUlL61x
23rd February, 2018
New bidder has submitted a better bid than both #JSW & #TataGroup in the race to bag Bhushan Power & Steel https://t.co/YUjuKrbv9u
21st February, 2018 #TataGroup
Rainy days are perfect for taking advantage of our complimentary Jaguar house car! The iconic Jaguar brand is part… https://t.co/vqg9WoJOvq
21st February, 2018
Perhaps the greatest example of leadership and performance with purpose! He is a true icon and an inspiration for g… https://t.co/el7CCwmA4X
20th February, 2018
I never had any interest in making #money. None of my #decisions were #influenced by whether it would bring me mone… https://t.co/SwKLhXmYk1
20th February, 2018
#NChandrasekaran the first non-Parsi Chairman of the #TataGroup in its 150 year-old history, finishes first year on… https://t.co/9bnHmaXlVc
19th February, 2018 #TataGroup