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#TataGroup is looking at buying a stake in the struggling #JetAirways airline. Jet wants it to be an equity-related… https://t.co/SW5OD4siug
20th October, 2018 #TataGroup
India's Billionaire Raj, Indian Equity Markets Plummet et al . Click Link to Read in Full: https://t.co/GIyBUFC8yjhttps://t.co/1efr5L8Ehr
19th October, 2018
India’s #JetAirways, which has been facing turbulence from rising #oilprices and a depreciating #rupee, and is stru… https://t.co/ltCgRzZ5Bv
19th October, 2018 #rupee
If you are a job seeker, beware of the job scammers you might encounter. Read to know all about how the fake job ra… https://t.co/WTdDxfzcB6
19th October, 2018
The #TataGroup stated that it is looking into the allegations of sexual harassment against #SuhelSeth. He has been… https://t.co/w9mObvokmb
19th October, 2018 #TataGroup
Tata Group wants outright purchase of Jet Airways; says no joint control proposal https://t.co/iqP7GQb2PUhttps://t.co/XYq46JqJ54
19th October, 2018
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18th October, 2018