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300th insta pic so here’s one of me n the blon lookin #tdi
21st May, 2019 #tdi
Highlights of the Ramadan lecture that took place at the Afficent, Kano on Sunday with Malam Ibrahim Khalil and Dr.…
21st May, 2019
@TD_Canada Feels great to be an employee for the top bank rated #1 in customer service🙂😍 #JDPower #2019 #TDI
20th May, 2019 #JDPower, #TDI
Recap from our yesterdays program Ramadan lecture Theme: How to improve parent-child bonding 3speakers 10High t…
20th May, 2019
She said it is the best gift ever, " wannan kyautar daga matasa ce -Mal Dr. Fatima Zahra'u Umar. #Tdikano #tdi
20th May, 2019 #tdi
Alhamdulillah🙏🏼All about Teens Development initiative ramadan lectures @NgTeens @saddiiqah @cake_talk_kn #TDI
19th May, 2019 #TDI
A gift given to me by Teens Development Initiative organization at their just concluded Ramadan lecture which took…
19th May, 2019
Award of appreciation to Malam Ibrahim Khalil on his selfless contribution to humanity Allah ya saka da Alkhairi…
19th May, 2019
Peer group influence is real, be it positive or negative. Parents should put more effort. -Bashir Nuhu #TDI
19th May, 2019 #TDI
Stop talking, start doing Stop talking, start working Stop talking, start acting. Allah yasa mu dace Ameen -Malam…
19th May, 2019