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These days I'm only doing long rides (30+ min on the freeway) in my #tdi jetta. I'm on track to get 750 miles on this tank (55-ish mpg avg).
26th June, 2017 #tdi
This guy needs to be appreciated, supporting upcoming ones and making necessary noise. Bless up bro @ThePLAYLISTgh
24th June, 2017
😍😍😍 New car! 2015 @VW Golf Sportwagen #TDI 6-speed manual (as god intended) 14k miles! Long live TDI!!! 😎
24th June, 2017 #TDI
@bigbluetech it's all #sidemount today with 7 of us out and about #TDI join us and be less ordinary...
24th June, 2017 #TDI