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@RickyTaylorRace @Team_Penske Great qualifying effort Ricky! Best of luck and sending wishes for a safe and enjoya…
17th March, 2018
Just when I think hockey players are the cutest athletes I see pictures like this and change my mind 😍😍😂😂…
17th March, 2018
@NASCAR @joeylogano he will finish top 15 unless they find some speed in those #TeamPenske cars
17th March, 2018 #TeamPenske
@joeylogano nice folks you have working the show car hauler. Wish I could have stayed in town for the race. But I h…
16th March, 2018
Ford recall for steering wheels coming off Fusions... sounds like a sign that a @joeylogano win is coming! #teamjl
15th March, 2018
@Team_Penske Little Bo Beep lost his Sheep in Rd1! But here @keselowski turned out to be the #blacksheep #DSQ #DQ 😂 #PenskeGames #TeamPenske
15th March, 2018 #TeamPenske
I want one of them! Love #TeamPenske games. Kept checking this morning for part 2. Bad cheating. ☹️
14th March, 2018 #TeamPenske