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My parents are the spread offense of Black Friday shopping. Completed trips to Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears, JC Penny &… https://t.co/NbxDZMYTGH
24th November, 2017
I know that life moves too quick for ya sometimes. We should pull up to the kick back smoke one with me one time #Tempo
24th November, 2017 #Tempo
Shazam Song Of The Day is #Tempo, Dowload Shazam On your cell, play Tempo, Press the S & Shazam https://t.co/oPrdM0z1iv
23rd November, 2017 #Tempo
Showers today! With a high of 24 C and a low of 19 C. #tempo
23rd November, 2017 #tempo
partner dances are always fun. w/ my bro Amir❣️but once again thank you @Kaitlin_Passaro for this bomb a** choreo.… https://t.co/d9bKaqOhd1
23rd November, 2017