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@VOLUNTEERS_TN Nope this is a tough 1 man I feel your pain with this game. I have my own game to work through in 1… https://t.co/0wGCeG1MI3
17th March, 2019
I can’t believe #Auburn is putting an ass whoopin on #Tenn today. #SECChampionship
17th March, 2019 #Auburn, #Tenn
SEC tournament Auburn killen it Tennessee can't stop a nosebleed and can't get a rebound to save their lives.… https://t.co/ffTu73lizE
17th March, 2019
Tennessee vs. Auburn take the 2H over 76.5. 1H not indicative of their true offensive portentously. Risk 2Units.… https://t.co/nmi4OqiEca
17th March, 2019
@TiffineyMozingo #Tenn is still good nothing to panic about, stop the careless turnovers and tighten up defense. All good they are
17th March, 2019 #Tenn