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Tension is like mental therapy sometimes. Bcz until and unless I don't get tensed about something, I know, I'm not… https://t.co/eBE5yMCocy
18th July, 2019
Cover Reveal & Giveaway! Mad About the Boy by Beth Laycock 🐶👤👀 Something’s waiting for Eli. Somebody’s watching hi… https://t.co/ail4TpAfSy
17th July, 2019
Faleti has acted, written, and produced a number of movies, which include: Thunderbolt: Magun (2001), Afonja (1 & 2… https://t.co/PvaQ7vlINd
17th July, 2019
@BerksCricket @Oxoncb Delighted to host x2 T20 games @oratoryschool - final game 👏 #tense - we look forward to hosting again in 2020.
17th July, 2019 #tense
Hey guys today I am going to be playing two games today! Inside by playdead and Life is Strange episode 4! come joi… https://t.co/m1DOPDnIe9
16th July, 2019
I just wanna say THANK YOU for the last 10 years It's a story about TVXQ Cassiopeia to Bigeast We love you 【TEN(2014)/東方神起】 #동방신기 #TENSE
16th July, 2019 #TENSE
Some people bring stress with them as a free offer 🤦🤦 #hyper #hurry #fussy #tense
16th July, 2019 #tense