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@elonmusk how many of your cars have this “twitch” on the steering wheel on ap? My model x crashed at 70mph due to… https://t.co/pqNlHPx9sW
7th December, 2018
Small clip of our crash in our Tesla Model X on Autopilot.... car twitched starting the crash. Car twitched 7 degre… https://t.co/bg4Cwt8gZM
5th December, 2018
These are the problems of innovation's interim. #TeslaAutopilot feature (which should have an alert driver at all… https://t.co/DeSRb0S29D
4th December, 2018 #TeslaAutopilot
Police in the San Francisco Bay Area took an unusual approach to stop a Tesla operating on Autopilot as a drunk dri… https://t.co/5l0nVALCwa
2nd December, 2018
Is actually very easy to shut off the sensors on the steering wheel of a Tesla. There are many suggestions on how t… https://t.co/KxCba6xPBK
1st December, 2018
incredible 360º video - #TeslaAutopilot can see through its 8 cameras video - Electrek https://t.co/BGpCTJiJtq
27th November, 2018 #TeslaAutopilot