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Rental firm walks away from Tesla order after quality dispute #teslamodel #nextmove https://t.co/x26lVk2Ml0
16th August, 2019 #teslamodel
CoolKo Car Special Modification Parts Carbon Fiber Stickers Protection Compatible with Model S!!… https://t.co/S2Nw6Lcfo4
16th August, 2019
A @Tesla class action claims that the auto company equips their Model S and X vehicles with defective batteries and… https://t.co/Pbvzyx0tsB
15th August, 2019
Tesla, since inception, has always had a straightforward pricing structure with only a few trim levels and options… https://t.co/4VUMfh9l7u
13th August, 2019
Tesla in Moscow crashes into tow truck while on Autopilot https://t.co/pNGTTBWuqb ————————————————-——— #teslahttps://t.co/4r1MGW8qCR
13th August, 2019 #tesla