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Tesla Model 3 Rear Drive Unit Inverter Reverse Engineering - First spin of a motor, switching at 17.6khz… https://t.co/B3EJ2yv1F6
30th March, 2020
#teslamodel3 rear drive unit inverter #hacked running a motor under control of the #openinverter system.… https://t.co/7kTyBNpMub
30th March, 2020 #teslamodel3
#Tesla Model 3 Battery Hacking - "So far have an spi capture from the batman chip on the hv controller. Looks like… https://t.co/vpSnYMRYEt
30th March, 2020 #Tesla
Welcome to Tesla Feels! Let’s begin this journey with this photo of the Model 3 in all of its glory! 🌎 Photography… https://t.co/b2nYf8lFzG
30th March, 2020
TY @elonmusk. Thats all I can say really. Love his philosophy, ideas and future plans for our world. #teslamotorshttps://t.co/T2uwXoxXkc
30th March, 2020 #teslamotors
Today's Tesla self-isolation adventure. A small group of local Tesla owners met up, while maintaining distance, and… https://t.co/DyDwRQvtyh
30th March, 2020