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The Tesla Model 3 gets 320 Miles of range and Drives itself! It goes 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds! It's also VERY Safe! Get it! #TeslaModel3
13th August, 2017
@elonmusk why has RHD #TeslaModel3 delivery estimates moved back from summer 18 to early 19😭the wait is excruciating 😖 #Hongkong
13th August, 2017 #Hongkong
Tesla has done away the old-school key and even the key fob for the Model 3 https://t.co/dBlHF9Nzi3 #Tesla #TeslaModel3
13th August, 2017 #Tesla
How bad is it to work in a Tesla factory? Pretty bad, apparently: https://t.co/AlptwtBHr4 #Tesla #TeslaModel3
13th August, 2017 #Tesla
Oddly enough I had the same thought this morning after test driving the Mazda CX-9! #TeslaModel3 https://t.co/PsqZRFvVYG
12th August, 2017
@mashable We love the thoughts of all the different designs, the more involved helps us all cross over like… https://t.co/gGd5Fu1PCe
12th August, 2017
#solar and #windpower working together for the next few hours in California. Great time to charge the #teslamodel3 https://t.co/5f1gcl3uK3
12th August, 2017 #teslamodel3