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How much #Tesla Model 3 battery degradation happens after you've driven it 50,000+ miles (80k+ km)? (Full details,… https://t.co/HLL1kDlDcE
20th August, 2019 #Tesla
Tweet me questions you have about your tesla or about tesla in general. I’ll be making a video on your questions :)… https://t.co/0L80cgRQYp
20th August, 2019
@MrNikolaTsla @Tesla Why did the #TeslaModel3 cross the road? To park near some clowns? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
20th August, 2019
@m4rko @Tesla 8 days behind you. @Tesla West Drayton team all good. After Fri 2hr call to Deliveries, email back &… https://t.co/okvwhtGh2X
20th August, 2019
@elonmusk I know you don't truly market the Tesla but I think these photos I took might have your interest. Could y… https://t.co/SP5bdC9B1t
20th August, 2019
@mostracoffee and some fun teslamotors games to start off a Tuesday morning❤️❤️ #mostracoffee #mostra #sandiegohttps://t.co/QOuN54kaTu
20th August, 2019 #sandiego