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The cover can keep the leaves from clogging up. Quick and easy to install. Great Accessories for your #TeslaModel3.… https://t.co/QI4siRPg05
19th February, 2020
Doing surgery on a dead @dewalttough orbital sander today. Not so tough power tools. . . . . #doityourself #dewalthttps://t.co/VIdkLRPeG6
18th February, 2020
@dburkland Can’t wait! Would’ve been perfect if they had the #TeslaRoadster in there 😁
16th February, 2020 #TeslaRoadster
Tesla's rolling update strategy has been in play since the beginning! You can spot early Roadsters (1.5) because th… https://t.co/eV16nX6Zsj
15th February, 2020