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If you all have one board member as dedicated to your mission as this man, your organization will do amazing things…
13th January, 2018
My boss just told me, “you’re such a weirdo, bless your heart”😂 #thankssteve
13th January, 2018 #thankssteve
Why do my Friday night plans always consist of illegally watching Cheaper by the dozen and eating cookie dough alone in bed #thanksSteve
13th January, 2018 #thanksSteve
Steve Bannon’s apology is just more proof that what is written in Fire and Fury about Donald J. Trump and The White…
7th January, 2018
@steve_markham Smh Steve ... these sites don’t work and just cause spam for your followers .. now they’re suffering…
7th January, 2018
"Fire & Fury" is nothing more than salacious fan fiction written for deranged liberals, SO addicted to Trump, they…
6th January, 2018