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At the airport, its almost time for #Thu. @Trojan_Unicorn
17th September, 2017 #Thu
My taxi just drove past a "Welcome to THU Oasis" board on the beach, I AM SO HYYYYPED I'VE WAITED FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE 😍 #thu #THU2017
17th September, 2017 #thu
My new cards are done!! 😁😇🤓 I think I'm ready for #THU eheh…
16th September, 2017 #THU
Packing a suitcase for #THU and a large box for moving out of my flat at the same time 🙃 feels weird.
16th September, 2017 #THU
@Trojan_Unicorn @cfsl I'm back again this year for the 2017 edition. I hope to see some old friends there. Let me k…
16th September, 2017
Hmmmm. The world is raving about #Thu.parivaalan. All I can ask for is, one coffee, please?!
15th September, 2017 #Thu
Do the 'politicians' species suffer from amnesia? Hardly a month & they're all brothers from another mother. #Thu
15th September, 2017 #Thu