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Two thunder games on tap tonight if the weather holds off! Keep up the good work on those exams 18's and 16's!…
24th June, 2019
Thunder Sr A over Petrolia 14-4. Geoff Rankin with the win! Semi-finals tomorrow at 9:30am vs @FECannons at Court…
23rd June, 2019
Thunder Sr A over Wyoming 6-2. Rustulka with a 2 hit win. #BleedPurple #ThunderPower
22nd June, 2019 #ThunderPower
Here's today's Thunder action! Good luck on exams to all ball players out there! #BleedPurple #ThunderPower
21st June, 2019 #ThunderPower
Ever been caught in a wide-eyed moment on the road when you look at the drivers in the next lane? What is the weird…
17th June, 2019