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This was a concern I raised in part 1 of this piece, along with various others: https://t.co/Tr3y5Qmn0f #Rugbyhttps://t.co/8ybI0sOJHW
23rd March, 2019 #Rugby
Bob Nicholson has no clue what he's doing. His resume looks stunning... But when you work for Hockey Canada, you're… https://t.co/4sQiFOhjAh
22nd March, 2019
CALLING ALL GPs who require Tier 2 Visa’s. Get in touch with @DreamMedicalJob - they have 24 Salaried roles along t… https://t.co/39e1GyPkvx
21st March, 2019
@Harry_Murless @BlackrockColl We’ve won as many J & S cups in the past 7 years as your school has in its history. 😂… https://t.co/I8Svur8qYl
20th March, 2019