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gees Damned if we do & Damned if we don't..#Tier2 cant get a break #AUSvFIJ #RWCTokyo https://t.co/y1T0cCSJeM
23rd September, 2019 #Tier2
Probably isn't a "proper World Cup" if Tier 2 nations weren't robbed by Officials 🤷🏽‍♂️ It happens so much that it… https://t.co/RtqbGMw2rk
23rd September, 2019
Russia a good chance to beat Scotland on this weekend’s form, so yes, assuming Scotland will meet the ABs at this s… https://t.co/W0fVL17vdz
23rd September, 2019
Fiji needs to learn to be disciplined with opportunities in small aspects of game - like Radradra spilling ball fro… https://t.co/1kg0HNkD65
21st September, 2019