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Ty @TheStromboShow @AriAster for giving my son the thrill of a lifetime tonight & ty Ari for taking @moviemaker0007https://t.co/IPm0jCtVp1
24th May, 2018
Hereditary was good but not what I was expecting. Don’t trust the trailer and go in with an open mind.… https://t.co/5yjUqknBvG
24th May, 2018
Saw this at TIFF last September. Rami is especially brilliant.... a beautiful story about strength of character, en… https://t.co/tG8TQm6ds8
24th May, 2018
1. The Creator thinks you are Great! He paid a priceless amount for you! 2. The Creator gave you gifts/talents so y… https://t.co/LmGwe9tJ2f
23rd May, 2018