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My new concept of the camera app. That magnifier is the new Siri powered search. Just like Google lens. Just point… https://t.co/6umWWaB6gS
18th May, 2018
Cosmetic damaged on my new iPhone X ? How is it possible for a 1500$ + phone #apple #iPhoneX quality control is it… https://t.co/tSJqDSW76p
18th May, 2018 #apple
@Apple should issue a recall or refund on the 2016 MacBook. The trackpad and keyboard issues are well documented.… https://t.co/611hbq1EU4
18th May, 2018
Today you can't imagine your life without apps; tomorrow you won't be able to imagine your life without AR… https://t.co/j1IKFYOvo7
18th May, 2018
Commercial idea.... #timcook visiting the victims of exploding #samsungs7 phones at the hospital and giving… https://t.co/CLChtgDW3G
18th May, 2018 #timcook
Apple CEO, Nyle DiMarco Visit Deaf Students in Fremont, Discuss Tech and Accessibility https://t.co/CakVAdB0oU via… https://t.co/IPNve6xBKh
18th May, 2018