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@LaFarrellM I'm sorry he felt the need to be so forgiving, and while I'd like to applaud #TimScott for speaking out… https://t.co/I5dKD5VYVr
13th January, 2019 #TimScott
@mystcole @NaphiSoc @CBSPolitics sad to say #timscott & #gop know who he is Coretta-Scott-King warned us
12th January, 2019 #timscott, #gop
The sad fact is that the ONLY black congressman is the ONLY LONELY voice of condemnation of overt racism in the GOP… https://t.co/s3BMzQuzfN
12th January, 2019
Isn't this racism? To believe that people of different skin color than you are somehow of a lesser status than you… https://t.co/RAfUStN7tV
12th January, 2019
Tim Scott: Why are Republicans accused of racism? Because we’re silent on things like this. https://t.co/Ugbayo8GLMhttps://t.co/5zvCyeqyPm
12th January, 2019