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@TheRickWilson Have you noticed how many trump ball lickers have come out of South Carolina? There must be a networ… https://t.co/hW8JZ3Rm4V
12th November, 2019
@SenatorTimScott VERY coherent, well paced, COMPLETE answers with @MajorCBS on @thetakeout podcast. Great intervie… https://t.co/EbnvJ15a5V
9th November, 2019
He’s a #republican. It’s a setback for #Black folks if he adheres to his party’s line. It’s synonymous with other t… https://t.co/SriT8IX2N6
6th November, 2019
I've been screaming about #opportunityzones & now I think I'll move to regular tweets. After all, it w/… https://t.co/8SD9i07PVo
5th November, 2019