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@Allison59798116 I'm waiting for South Carolina's black senator #TimScott to call trump and the party he's a member of #Racist
15th July, 2019 #TimScott, #Racist
@GOP Well, look who spoke up, finally. Can't put my finger on why he'd break party lines, though. @SenatorTimScotthttps://t.co/vdu8EIbcBJ
15th July, 2019
@tribelaw @HurdOnTheHill It only took him a whole day to remember he reassembles those remarks. Anyone heard from #TimScott?
15th July, 2019 #TimScott
@realDonaldTrump Worst 10 states to live in... 8 under GOP control. lindsey graham & tim scott should do something… https://t.co/cxprUVrTKV
11th July, 2019
@RevDrBarber 🤢🤦🏽‍♀️ “ Sen. #TimScott (R-S.C.), at a White House ceremony last December marking the Republicans' pas… https://t.co/ApFjU5suod
10th July, 2019 #TimScott
#TimScott One question- Do you read? Doesnt the Mueller Report seem important enough to at least try? #Shamefulhttps://t.co/ju64ienxRm
10th July, 2019 #TimScott