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Got some new updates I will be releasing a new single off the double CD Amerikaz Revoultion the song is for the lad… https://t.co/Q5na4xtIQq
20th January, 2018
What an amazing little present for January. Cheered me right up! Thank you @Spotify for verifying my music profile.… https://t.co/ZvyxSmgCZe
19th January, 2018
Sen. #Durbin said #Trump used "hate-filled, vile and racist" language in the meeting, according to the Chicago Trib… https://t.co/e3atTfZeU1
15th January, 2018 #Trump
watching @sendavidperdue LIE on @ThisWeekABC Lindsey Graham & Tim Scott, what say YOU? Where is your honor?… https://t.co/7wY3cQj07T
14th January, 2018