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Finnish Band Trivia: #Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus ; heavy metal band. READ MORE: https://t.co/OE0LePcAT8
17th March, 2017 #Timo
#Timo: "The tournament was a good test before the World Championship. If I am fit, I can still perform very well." https://t.co/IgmkmMzLMW
15th March, 2017 #Timo
#Timo: "Fortunately for me I was able to begin very well a put him under pressure right from the start."
15th March, 2017 #Timo
#Timo: "I was bit worried before the final, because Ruwen showed his good shape at the Qatar and India Open."
15th March, 2017 #Timo