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Since the start of April #Timo now occupies the 2nd spot in the ITTF world ranking. https://t.co/hODlHwDets
16th April, 2018 #Timo
Today @BorussiaTT played the 2nd leg of the @TTBuLi Play-Off Semifinal against Saarbrücken and won the match by 3:2… https://t.co/xl5B3Vje4y
15th April, 2018
Finnish Band Trivia: #Timo Tolkki ; heavy metal guitarist. READ MORE: https://t.co/Ltn8pTrnaG
15th April, 2018 #Timo
When I watch an NHL game including Swiss players, they usually suck. But not if they play against the Ducks 🙄 #Timo #SJSvsANA
13th April, 2018 #Timo
Holiday is all about adventure. The 'Deep Water' print is a congregation of some dangerous deep water species, from… https://t.co/wtXJAsaLwv
13th April, 2018
"Finding the next Timo Werner won't be easy" - RB Leipzig sporting director Ralf Rangnick 🔥 Football News:… https://t.co/LBs8Ye2kpH
12th April, 2018
At the weekend @BorussiaTT played the 1st leg of the TTBL Play-Offs semifinal against Saarbrücken. #Timo won his bo… https://t.co/IkgLjQXdTY
11th April, 2018 #Timo