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God made His home with us so that we might make our home with Him! † "Live in Definition" † 1 #Timothy 3:14-16 https://t.co/h9gnfZx2fI
19th November, 2017 #Timothy
Big up to my guy @Xander_Wells for surviving 17 years. Can't think of anyone I'd rather raise a turtle and start a… https://t.co/4YVBF8UQDS
19th November, 2017
Hey #Charlottetown! Did you know you can buy #beniSweet now at #Timothy’s world coffee 154 Great George St.? https://t.co/mfQNQdeT6s
18th November, 2017 #Timothy
@JumiaKenya #JW. I think you didn't get my point or probably the team didn't update the status of order. I ordered… https://t.co/QgG9dmc09K
17th November, 2017
“Remember, the #sins of some people are obvious, leading them to certain #judgment. But there are others whose sins… https://t.co/rSARkvXLTh
17th November, 2017