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In 50 drafts since 1967, there have been three No 5 overall picks that have gone on to be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. #Titans
26th April, 2017 #Titans
I also wonder if Wally and Roy will be Re-Casted for #Titans Show. @geoffjohns @GBerlanti
26th April, 2017 #Titans
@dmac_1025 are Titans even allowed to make the call asking why dhenry not at voluntary practice? PA violation? #Henry #titans
26th April, 2017 #Henry, #titans
With the 18th pick in the @1010XL 2017 Media Mock Draft, the #Titans (@bbishop23) select Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan.
26th April, 2017 #Titans
Valiant effort from the titans but Durham were victorious, 159 for 4 to an impressive 105 all out, more hard play sessions needed #titans
26th April, 2017 #titans